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KTMicro Introduction

Beijing ktmicro Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Beijing, China, while much has design centers and sales offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hong Kong and the United States. Founded on the formation of high-performance analog section, for communications, industrial control, medical and instrumentation fields introduced several high-performance data converters, existing products cover high-speed precision and low accuracy ADC, DAC products, the future will quickly expand the product line, improve product coverage.

Currently engaged in communications and consumer electronics analog / mixed / RF signal IC design and manufacturing need, including wireless tuner, RF transceiver, all kinds of high-speed interface, serial and transceivers, audio / video digital signal processors, drives digital mobile TV, high-performance digital-analog / digital converter, sensor, and other products. At the same time, too, and systems manufacturers and chip makers around the world to work closely for their SO C products provide key technologies required for analog / mixed / RF signal processing.