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New LTCC Balun Provides Low Amplitude and Phase Unbalance from 700 to 1000 MHz
Date:2014-06-17      Views:1131Secondary

13 June 2014 – Mini-Circuits new NCS4-102+LTCC balun provides low amplitude and phase unbalances (0.5 dB and 5°, respectively) with primary/secondary impedance ratio of 4:1. Its miniature package (.08 x .05 x .03”) makes it a space saver for dense PCB layouts, and LTCC construction gives it outstanding reliability for tough environmental conditions.

The NCS4-102+ is ideal for applications including LTE, radar, and cellular and is now available off the shelf for just 99₵ each (qty. 20). Place your order online today and have them in hand as soon as tomorrow!